Where to find vintage drinking glasses

Vintage drinking glasses are quite interesting. Although you would expect them to be made of poor quality material and construction, this is far from the truth. Not only are they beautiful and attractive, they are also sturdily made and can survive some rough handling. These are items you should consider buying for your house, for many reasons.

Finding good sets of these drinking glasses is not that difficult. For some reason, the glassware is not as difficult to find as other vintage items, although this may change significantly in the next decade or so.

You can find plenty of incomplete sets of the glassware at many second hand and thrift stores. Though they may have some minor imperfections and need some cleaning, you can actually find great stuff out there.

Complete sets of these drinking glasses can also be found at vintage or antique stores. These stores specialize in selling stuff from estates sales and others. While you will have to pay a premium, you will at least be sure that you are getting fine sets of glassware.

Other places to find antique drinking glasses include your grandparents or parents house. In most cases, people will be happy to hand them over to others, especially if they’re just gathering dust.

When looking for vintage drinking glassware in a thrift or second hand store, be careful and choose wisely. Check for tiny cracks in the glasses. As most of these items are ornately designed, it may be easy to ignore hairline fractures, which can shatter them after a couple of washes.

You should also avoid picking fake vintage drinking glassware. Many people try to replicate this style because of its appeal. Vintage drinking glasses were often handmade, and had no signs of poor construction or seams. Another sign of fake vintage glassware is the usual “made in China” print on the bottom.

Luminarc Glassware

I am a collector and a big fan of Luminarc Glassware. I have purchased my glassware either at department stores or online at several websites. Right now, my favorite Luminarc Glassware is the Party for Two Tulip Wine Set. This simple, yet elegant glassware set consists of two wine glasses and a matching decanter. The Party for Two is perfect for a cozy evening at home with your husband, or for a nice visit with a very close friend who may drop by. This Tulip Wine Set is also a great idea for a bridal shower gift for the new couple who will be spending many intimate times together over a delicious glass of wine.

Another wine set that is very similar is the Party for Two Balloon Wine Set. This set is almost exactly the same except for the balloon shape of the glasses. Both sets are quite affordable and will look elegant sitting on a tray on your coffee table while entertaining.

What I love about Luminarc Glassware is not only because it is made in the USA, but that it is easy to care for. The glass is dishwasher safe and will come out clean and spot free.

My collection is proudly displayed in my china cupboard in my dining room. I also keep a few different styles of Luminarc Glassware sitting on top of my buffet in the same dining room. Besides owning the simple wine glass set I just mentioned, I also own other glasses that have detailed designs right in the glass to give them an exquisite appeal.

With Luminarc Glassware having such a vast selection, being wash resistant and also very shockproof, I will continue to add many more beautiful and practical pieces to my collection.

Pink Glassware

Since I was a child, I have loved beautiful things. Sunsets, Lladros, sunrises, Waterford crystal, seashells, paintings by Monet, diamonds and pretty pebbles all give me pleasure and sometimes take my breathe away. Some I can only gaze at from afar. Some I seek out in museums. Some I can, and do, possess.

Two of my favorite possessions are a collection of pink depression ware glass and my grandmother’s good dishes. The dishes are strewn with tiny, pink roses.

Depression ware, manufactured in the 1930’s was used to lure people into movie theaters. Buy a ticket and you not only saw the movie, you received a free dish.

Depression ware is distinctive. The glass is translucent and made in many different colors. Pink has become a popular color to collect. A design pressed into the glass makes it decorative. Whole families would attend a movie in order to collect a set. Times were challenging. Different pieces of the set were given out on each day. People had to plan their evenings accordingly.

The dishes now sell individually as collector items. I use plates as serving platters for cookies or, as an extra little gift when I take someone a homemade cake. Friends understand that the plate does not need to be returned. A small bowl serves as a catch all for jewelry as I take it off in the evening. Yes, the bowl matches my pink bedroom.

My collection is not fancy, but I enjoy it. I buy pieces that catch my eye in antique shops or at garage sales. I do sometimes find things online and have rarely been disappointed. I looked for and finally found a set of glasses that compliment my grandma’s dishes. I have several very pretty, pink bowls that sometimes hold fruit or candy and sometimes sit on my coffee table looking decorative. Don’t ever make my mistake and use a bowl to hold a flowerpot. The scratches from the pot will spoil the beauty of the bowl.

My grandma’s rose strewn dishes are good china, but I will tell you the tale of their origin. Coffee and tea were once sold door to door. The Jewel Tea grocery chain began as such an enterprise. The salesmen gave coupons with each sale. The coupons were redeemable for dishes. The set of dishes left to me is a complete set for eight. I cannot imagine how many cups of coffee and tea were consumed to acquire them. I do know that using those dishes for a dinner party makes me feel special and connects me to my family history.

The Elegance and Grace of Red Glassware Through the Ages

Red Glassware is a unique and beautiful type of glassware that brightens any occasion, especially holidays and romantic occasions. There are many types of red glassware from red glass bowls and plates to wine and flute glasses. Finally, there is also the small finely etched drinking glasses that come in small and regular glass sizes.

When I was a child, I remember Thanksgiving and Christmas was always more special when these beautiful glasses garnished the table with the bright festive color of red. As a child I drank from the tiny etched cranberry red glasses and I felt special just holding it in my hand. I knew that this glassware only came out on special occasions, and seeing them on the table always made me understand the appreciate the special tradition they brought to the holiday. These juice glasses as they were called, were perfect for apple cider, and made me feel very grownup. While the adults had their finely etched wine glasses, the children could feel equally important with their very own etched red glassware. It is a memory I treasure still today.

Specially designed and etched red glass are collectors items. People from all over the world love to collect these special types of glassware. In fact, some of these red glassware and dinnerware items are antiques, and can carry quite a value. People who treasure them will tell you that if they find a few at a tag sale, they are sure to pick them up. Collectors are always on the look out for these, as some of them carry a great value as collector items.

Red glassware has been around since ancient times. However, since the early colonial period their use and creation become a hallmark of distinctive glassware. Much of the etched glassware with red hues became quite popular in the 1960’s and many of these items can still be found today in collector editions.

People old and young will often have fond memories of this type of glassware. It is such a perfect table finisher for many occasions. Nothing fills out the reds of Thanksgiving or Christmas at a dinner table quite like red glassware. The same is true for an evening of romance. While red roses are the standard for flowers, nothing quite sets the table like the beauty of finely etched red stem glass ware,. Whether old or new, these beautiful table pieces set the tone and mood for a loving evening of ambiance and specialness.

My History With Shot Glasses

Even when I was too young to even want any kind of alcohol in my system, I have loved shot glasses. When I was a kid, I was mesmerized by my parents’ collection of the glasses in the dining room. The glasses were designed with colorful images, witty slogans and invitations to visit far away places, and I was often transfixed simply by looking at them. There was something about their small size combined with the fact that they were rarely used that made them just mysterious enough to make me want to collect them myself when I got older. Now that I am older and I have a pretty impressive collection of the glasses myself, my parents and I are able to connect with each other through our mutual love of shot glasses.

By the time I was old enough to start my collection, I was a poor college student. Through some connections I made at the college with friends, I was able to go on a trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina for Spring Break. I was not yet at legal drinking age, and the weather was surprisingly cold and blustery. However, I will always remember the trip with fondness because it resulted in my first ever purchase of a shot glass. I was milling about in one of the island’s shopping centers while my friends were busy trying to get into a bar, when I noticed a store that sold novelty items and other merchandise geared toward tourists and people like me. I did not have much money to spend, but I found two perfect Hilton Head shot glasses that I absolutely had to bring back with me. I paid my four dollars, the clerk wrapped them carefully in paper and I was well on my way to building a collection.

These days, I own at least one shot glass for every place I have visited. I even have several shot glasses from my hometown and the city in which I live today. My favorites are the New York glasses I purchased when I visited the city shortly before September 11, 2001, and, of course, the Hilton Head glasses I obtained when I was a broke and struggling college student. These glasses may not be the most beautiful pieces of glassware, but they hold some special stories and memories for me. My parents still collect shot glasses on their travels, and I am happy to admit that they still have a more impressive collection than mine. However, I would not trade my beloved shot glasses for anything.

My Tiara Glassware Collection

I have collected Tiara Glassware for many years. I started my collection after my mother gave me part of her collection to start my own. Since then, I have added many great pieces to my collection such as the butter dish.

My favorite piece is the Tiara Glass canister, it is from my mother’s collection and it is what my daddy used to keep his pipes and pipe tobacco in by his chair.  I still love to remove the lid and smell the inside. It smells just like his pipe tobacco. Even after washing, that aroma remains inside of the canister.

I keep all of my Tiara Glassware in my hutch in my dining room. I still use my dishes such as the plates, coffee cups and a few of the serving pieces when I am having special company over for dinner or when it’s just a special occasion.

I have been able to find several of my pieces at local flea markets and also online. The great thing about the Tiara Glassware is that if something happens to one of your pieces, Tiara will replace that piece for you.

Tiara is a great gift for a bride to be. By gifting her with her first piece, she can begin her collection so that she has a beautiful set of Tiara in the years to come. She’ll love serving her guests on her beautiful dishes. It will be a gift that she will be able to add to for many years and it will be a gift that continues to give throughout her life.