Antique Glassware

Glassware is interpreted as a very general term to describe all kinds of works crafted from glass. Antique glassware, although few know appreciate it as such, is an equally broad term that can be used to describe a variety of works of arts most pertinent to the nineteenth and maybe even extending into the early twentieth century. To call late twentieth century ” antique ” seems to me (and to many experts in the field) to be far too recent.

Antique glassware is generally crafted in one of two techniques: either free-blown, pressed into a mold. Free-blown is perhaps the most spectacular to watch in which the glass is placed on the end of a pipe and then blown into a certain shape, up to the artist’s vision.

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Although the word antique usually conjures images of antique glassware that is not very fashionable or has dull colors but it actually can pertain ( and does ) to certain very unique and colorfully dazzling works of art that deserve no less than to be put on display for all to develop a newfound appreciation for ” antique glassware ” that the general public has to come to develop a dull image in their minds of.