Antique Cut Glass Tumbler

Acquiring a Real Antique Cut Glass Tumbler

 What Is an Antique Cut Glass Tumbler?

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An antique cut glass tumbler was popularly made in America. Cut glass originally started at Rome around 1600s but became really popular later in America and was then considered the worldwide leader in making of cut glass. This type of glass was made as opposed to the European lines being brought to the United States. This took place around 1880 and ended in the early 1900s and was called the “Brilliant Period”.

An antique cut glass tumbler became attractive because it reflected the light across the dining table. It was very expensive and became the representation of social standings of people who bought it.

Cut glass was usually in groups. For example, wine flasks came with tumblers, fruit bowls came with 4 or 6 smaller bowls, and candlesticks came in sets of four.

How to Recognize a Real Antique Cut Glass

  • Research about several cutting houses and their signatures. Different cutting houses have different styles. Each of their products possesses a unique name or number.
  • Be familiar with their trademarks. Knowing the trademarks of several cutting houses lets you quickly recognize the manufacturer and production date of the cut glass.       
  • Examine the condition of the cut glass.  It should be free from any pleats since these should have been polished out during the production process. It should also be clear and bright with deep cuts.
  • Tap it with your finger. American cut glass produces a long-lasting ringing since most of it is made from lead crystal.

 The best way to figure out if a cut glass item is older and more valuable is to inspect them in person along with a trained professional. Money is surely going to be involved if you want to get the best items. An ideal way to start is by going to a popular antique show where American Brilliant pieces such as the antique cut glass tumbler are exhibited.