Antique Tumbler Glass

 An antique tumbler glass is a very fascinating piece. Most of us think that just because it’s antique, it’s already in a pretty bad shape. The truth is actually the complete opposite of what we mostly assume. Antique drinking glasses are not only classy, they’re also made very solid that can endure a fair amount of abuse. They survived this long, didn’t they?

Antique drinking glassware is something that you should have in your home since they’re better than buying a new set. They’re stronger and more elegant. Besides, vintage items are becoming popular again. So having antiques at home, even if it’s just a single antique tumbler glass, is a popular thing to do.

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Identifying Antique Glassware

So how do you identify if it’s really an antique tumbler glass? Here are some instructions to help you identify the real one from the fake one:

  1. Recognize the different names and manufacturers of the antique glassware. The best way to do this is to get you different information about antique glassware from books found in libraries, bookstores, and antique stores. You can also search the Internet if you’re not really into books.
  2. When you shop for antique glassware, bring your guide. Your guide must be an accurate list of the colors, sizes, designs, and manufacturers of the glassware you’re planning to buy.
  3. Feel and hold the glassware. It’s not new to most people that antiques are heavier than reproductions. They also contain a few flaws and bumps because back then, they didn’t have the proper tools to make flawless glassware.
  4. Take advantage of old catalogues and ads. These are commonly found in libraries but you can also ask from certain antique stores because there are some who are offering these. Old catalogues provide a complete description for the glassware they make and sell.

 When buying antiques, it’s important that you become knowledgeable first before you go shopping. Be patient and take your time so that shopping for antiques will be a great experience for you, and not a painful one. When you think you’re ready, don’t wait a minute longer and go buy yourself an antique tumbler glass!