Antique Tumbler

Generally, an antique tumbler is an item dating back two generations and beyond. Antiques have been a favorite of many people worldwide. Recognizing a reproduction from an authentic one requires great knowledge of how the original was manufactured and what it differs from the fake one and a pair of fierce eyes.

Recognizing an Authentic Drinking Glass

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  • Improve your knowledge about antiques.  It’s time to open the books and learn what antique glasses are all about or you can simply search on the Internet if you’re not really into reading long content. Improve your knowledge so you’ll know what type of antique tumbler you want to collect.
  • Only buy from recognized stores or sources. Shop from stores with good reputation and only attend antique auctions that are well-known for possessing the type of antiques you want to collect.
  • Look for trademarks of the manufacturer. Makers of well-known antique glass patterns place their trademark on the bottom of each piece. This is why it’s important that you’re knowledgeable of what you’re trying to collect. A trademark is a very important sign that what you have is authentic. When you found the mark, research it on books or online if it’s really antique.
  • Examine the piece for any defects. The makers of these antique glasses didn’t have advanced technology like we have today. This means that when the glasses were made, they weren’t in the perfect condition: not very smooth, heavier, and many bumps. Look for defects because if what you have is really smooth, it may just be a reproduction.
  • Resort to old advertisements and catalogues for information. Old catalogues can be found in libraries and most of them provide a detailed description of each glass they made and sold. Get yourself copies of antique tumbler ads that you find interesting so you’ll have a reference when you buy antique glasses.

 Antiques are very popular and expensive collectors’ items. When you have the hobby of collecting certain types of techniques, you should be aware that it’s significant that you know what you’re doing because most antiques hold priceless values. When you shop for a certain antique tumbler, be sure that you’ve done your assignment to avoid unnecessary issues.