Vintage Drinking Glass Sets

Vintage drinking glass sets are hard to come by you might find someone eBay or other stores. Having glasses that are antique can be a good idea for special occasions or dinner parties. They can make the meal more special.

Here are some of the sets that you might find online or at a vintage store. There is a set of four exotic bird tumblers that hold 8 oz. of drink. Each one is different and is very colorful. They are in good condition and have no cracks or repair work done on them. Another one that you can purchase is a set of gold leaf Libby 8 oz. glasses. They measure 4.5 inches tall and are in new condition. Another one is a set of 6 glasses that depict an old car speeding by a farmer as the chicken runs away. Each one has the word “Automobile” on the top of the glass. Each one also holds 10 oz. of drink. One more that you might be interested in is a pretty set of 6 retro barware ones. They have a floral and vine pattern on them and are painted in bright red and also vivid blue.

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To identify an antique glass, you should look for a maker’s mark. You can check the bottom of your glassware for an etched manufacturer’s marking. You can identify the mark using a guide for makers. Then use the maker’s mark to see if it is an authentic antique. You can find guidebooks to help you and these books may be found at a library,, or book store.

So if you are interested in getting an antique set of glasses, do your research about them to make sure you are getting an authentic one and then start looking for ones to buy.