Vintage Glass Tumbler

A vintage glass tumbler can come in different designs, colors, and shapes. Many people are fond of collecting these tumblers that come in different forms and uses. Since you’re here, I presume you’re one of them.

The Beginning of the Vintage Glasses

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Most companies started making and decorating different kinds of drinking glasses since the 1920s. During this time, they designed the tumblers by hand. This means that each leaf, flower, or fruit or any design pattern painted on the glass was cautiously done one at a time by a group of women employed by the company. There may have been more than 100 workers in leading companies to design on the glasses.

How to Recognize Vintage Glass Tumblers

Since one vintage glass tumbler can come in different colors, sizes, and designs, it’s difficult to tell if the glassware is really a vintage or a newer version. Being patient and taking the time to research that certain glassware to see if it’s really authentic, will not only verify your glassware, but will also broaden your mind about vintage glassware and where you can find the most valuable ones to add to your collection.

  • Look for the trademark. Inspect your glassware and find a trademark by its maker. It’s depicted at the bottom of the glassware almost all of the time.
  • Get yourself some guidebooks about vintage drinking glasses. There are many books that you can choose from since collecting vintage glasses is a favorite hobby of many people. You can search on the Internet, in the bookstore, or in the library. Whichever you go, they can assist you find the books for you.
  • Know how to differentiate vintage glasses from newer ones. Clearly, vintage glasses look more worn out than newer ones. Check for any scratches to show that it has been used for a long time already. Also, vintage glasses are heavier than newer ones. This is another benefit of getting a book for you. You can learn the comparisons of the vintage glassware and the newer ones.

 If you’re still starting to collect vintage drinking glasses, it’s ideal that you start educating yourself about them to avoid purchasing reproductions. Well, that’s it. Good luck in finding the best vintage glass tumbler that pleases you well!