Vintage Green Drinking Glasses

There are a fewer ways to express a love for things past than to have a set of vintage green drinking glasses. Although green glass was made from the 1920s to the 1950s, it has become most associated with the Great Depression, along with a number of other colored glasses. Although it is something that is easily replicated today, it established the glass of a particular era; specifically, although some considered it imperfect at the time, green glass has become a welcome reminder of Depression-era glass.

Admittedly there are some bad memories of the Depression, as families did what they could to survive in a harsh economic situations, there was also the feeling of camaraderie and family that kept families together. This was also the era of public works, as the government stepped in to make sure that people had jobs by financing major works that individual companies could not. It was also the halcyon days before the storm of the Second World War, giving it the luster of nostalgia based on hard work and teamwork. This was the era when families stood together, and even the rich got their hand dirty.

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Although originally the imperfection marred it, today’s collectors love the glass due to that nostalgic connection. The glass may be more fragile than today’s glass but that is part of its charm and why it is so in demand. Collectors are advised to make sure that the glass is really vintage, especially as there are so many modern versions made for collectors, but the marks and condition are usually telltale signs that it is today’s glass rather than yesterdays. It just takes a little research to make sure that the glass is what you are a looking for. However, the beauty of the glass is such that even a modern facsimile carries the nostalgia making it great for sharing toasts no matter how old it is.