Avon Glassware

If you are in search of lovely Avon Glassware beautiful pieces can still be found. A lovely glass wind chime is truly a lovely piece designed in a snowman design. The vintage amber cruets are elegant and antique. These are just a few pieces that might catch your fancy.

Many of the Avon bottles are rare collectibles. Some people have been wise enough to save this lovely glassware for future generations to enjoy. The selection of glass consist of soap dishes, wine glasses, milk glass, candle holders, candy dishes, sugar bowls, pitchers, Disney characters and porcelain dolls. A series of glass articles were made at one point by the company and discontinued as time progressed. Items are reproduced for special promotion; some of the favorites.

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The Avon collection of glass is as interesting as the company that manufactures it. A unique product enveloped in a unique type of glassware, made for the appreciation of the people who buy the product. Avon was one of the creators of versatility, along with using the product for candle holders or soap dishes glassware could often be transformed into other useful items. Coming from a time when few luxuries were available Avon glassware is representative of a basic and glamorous era.