Candlewick Glassware

In the summer of 1936 in Ohio, the Imperial Glass company first invented candlewick glassware, and since then it has remained the company’s most famous product. Clear crystal is the most popular form of candlewick glassware, but it is never entirely clear, the maker often lines the handle. Finding glassware like this in good quality is very rare and often expensive, but the good quality pieces are never flawed.

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You can identify candlewicks by the tiny glass beads interwoven into their patterns. The very artistic brilliance and beauty of this glassware is what has made it famous, and such a collector’s item.

This type of glassware in it’s original form is extremely rare, so if you find a piece or a set… buy it because it might be gone sooner than you think. You will hardly ever see these pieces for sale, however. Most families that own such pieces and sets, pass them down through the generations, as heirlooms.

But don’t get fooled, candlewick glassware lookalikes are very easy to find and often can tempt you with cheaper prices. An authentic candlewick, you will find, must be dull or rough at the base and they will never come in colors.