Luminarc Glassware

I am a collector and a big fan of Luminarc Glassware. I have purchased my glassware either at department stores or online at several websites. Right now, my favorite Luminarc Glassware is the Party for Two Tulip Wine Set. This simple, yet elegant glassware set consists of two wine glasses and a matching decanter. The Party for Two is perfect for a cozy evening at home with your husband, or for a nice visit with a very close friend who may drop by. This Tulip Wine Set is also a great idea for a bridal shower gift for the new couple who will be spending many intimate times together over a delicious glass of wine.

Another wine set that is very similar is the Party for Two Balloon Wine Set. This set is almost exactly the same except for the balloon shape of the glasses. Both sets are quite affordable and will look elegant sitting on a tray on your coffee table while entertaining.

What I love about Luminarc Glassware is not only because it is made in the USA, but that it is easy to care for. The glass is dishwasher safe and will come out clean and spot free.

My collection is proudly displayed in my china cupboard in my dining room. I also keep a few different styles of Luminarc Glassware sitting on top of my buffet in the same dining room. Besides owning the simple wine glass set I just mentioned, I also own other glasses that have detailed designs right in the glass to give them an exquisite appeal.

With Luminarc Glassware having such a vast selection, being wash resistant and also very shockproof, I will continue to add many more beautiful and practical pieces to my collection.