My Tiara Glassware Collection

I have collected Tiara Glassware for many years. I started my collection after my mother gave me part of her collection to start my own. Since then, I have added many great pieces to my collection such as the butter dish.

My favorite piece is the Tiara Glass canister, it is from my mother’s collection and it is what my daddy used to keep his pipes and pipe tobacco in by his chair.  I still love to remove the lid and smell the inside. It smells just like his pipe tobacco. Even after washing, that aroma remains inside of the canister.

I keep all of my Tiara Glassware in my hutch in my dining room. I still use my dishes such as the plates, coffee cups and a few of the serving pieces when I am having special company over for dinner or when it’s just a special occasion.

I have been able to find several of my pieces at local flea markets and also online. The great thing about the Tiara Glassware is that if something happens to one of your pieces, Tiara will replace that piece for you.

Tiara is a great gift for a bride to be. By gifting her with her first piece, she can begin her collection so that she has a beautiful set of Tiara in the years to come. She’ll love serving her guests on her beautiful dishes. It will be a gift that she will be able to add to for many years and it will be a gift that continues to give throughout her life.