Champagne Glass

People collect all types of items including champagne glasses. There are many different types of these glasses which make them interesting to collect. Here is a closer look at various forms of this stemware, the purpose of each, as well as the features that a collector should look for when beginning a collection.

Types Of Champagne Stemware

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Each form of these glasses can be used for a different purpose.

  • Flute. A flute glass is tall and has a rim that flares out and is narrow with a longer stem. This glass looks very nice on display. It usually have a rough point inside the bowl’s bottom. This helps champagne’s bubbles gather at the bottom, then rise up.
  • Tulip. The tulip or champagne flute has a rim with an inward curve. The bowls are wider than the mouths. They work best for a better grade of champagne.
  • Coupe. The coupe or saucer glass has a wide rim, shallow bowl, and a shorter stem. This glass was one of the first developed specifically for champagne. Most people do not like to use this type of glass for champagne since the aroma from the drink escapes and goes flat quickly.

Features To Look For In A Champagne Glass

Most collectors look for champagne glasses with a wide bowl and narrow rim. A frosted glass may look nice on a shelf, but clear glass or crystal will provide the best champagne display. To obtain a dramatic bubbly display, a glass with a hollow stem will work best.

Technology has an added a few items to champagne glasses as well. Many people are collecting glasses with a double wall. This keeps hands from making contact with the glass that touches the champagne and keeps body temperature from warming the champagne.
Another innovation is a hollow stemmed glass which is the opposite of a double walled glass. Champagne goes into the stem’s bottom, which leaves the bubbles flowing longer. However body heat does warm the champagne which takes away from the wine’s taste.

Many people choose to collect champagne and stemware. There are various champagne glasses to choose from. Plain glasses or highly ornate stemware looks great on display, but can also be used to drink champagne as well. When starting a collection of champagne glasses, it is best to accumulate different types which will help a person appreciate their true beauty.