Crystal Glassware

Out of all the types of glassware that people have in their homes, crystal glassware is almost always going to look not only the nicest, but be the best quality.

Crystal glassware has always been used at the finest restaurants in the world because the way that it sounds when clinked together with other glasses, but also because it comes in many lovely shapes, sizes, and even colors. Just because a glass is made of crystal does not mean it has to be clear. Some crystal can be a variety of beautiful colors.

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Although there are many types of imitation crystal a person needs to know what is real. Real crystal glassware will sound a specific way when touched to another glass, and of course it will make a lovely humming sound if the rim is rubbed with water. This is often a trick used by people to determine if the glass is truly crystal, or just regular glass, and it usually works.