Depression Glass

The Great Depression was a period of great economic loss and represents a part of American History where Americans struggles to meet basic living requirements. Mass unemployment, loss of home, family, and jobs where issues that haunted every way of life during the late 1920’s all the way through the early 1940’s.

Amid all of the gloom and despair came something that is valued as a collectible legacy today. Depression glassware, otherwise known as depression glass, was mass manufactured by many leading american manufacturing houses. Because the glassware was mass produced the quality of the end produce was low. Imperfections within the glass, heavy press markings, etc became character flaws that endear the hearts of collectors today. The important attributes of depression glassware are the vivid colors that were produced. Colors such as emerald green or cobalt blue and ruby red were all the rage because of the cheer that countered the socioeconomic struggles of the great depression.

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Today, the vivid colors and patterns of depression glassware make wonderful collectibles or sever as everyday service for families across america. Depression glassware are beautiful by themselves or in a full set. The deep and luxurious colors dispelled gloom and add cheer to any dinner table.