Fenton Epergne

Fenton Epergne’s are iconic in American glassware history. They represent a time when milk glass was a status symbol and people were dazzled by these spectacular works of art. Today they are very collectible and are considered some of the best milk glass pieces for their time.

Fenton Epergnes (also known as centerpieces) came on the market in the 1940’s and were based on a Victorian style. Some of the first items to be available were a bowl, horn and a flower. The interesting thing about these is that they were rather difficult to make for their time. The molds used to create these centerpieces were rather intricate and the colors required specific formulas of elements. Furthermore, Fenton Epergnes were made by hand and assembled with the utmost precision creating some of the most beautiful displays of its kind. They were created with the iconic milk glass and most boasted the beautiful and somewhat difficult hobnail pattern. Nevertheless, Fenton Epergnes were one of kind and a true show piece to have in your home. The popularity of these centerpieces even today is a testament to the true beauty of these pieces.

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