Fostoria Glassware

On December 15, 1887, in the town of Fostoria, Ohio the Fostoria Glass company started operations. Near a railroad on South Vine Street, the company set up camp on free land donated by the townspeople.

Almost 4 years later, when the natural resources and land started depleting in Ohio, the company moved to Moundsville, West Virgina, where they hired close to 1,000 employees.

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Fostoria introduced it’s colored glassware line in 1924 with such colors as green, amber, blue and canary. The colored fostoria glassware was such a huge hit that the line began appearing in magazines such as “Good Housekeeping”. Collectors nowadays are equipped more with colored fostoria than any of their clear counterparts. Some collectors pride in their sets of one color of fostoria glassware, while others revel in one specific piece in multiple colors.

The Lancaster Colony Corporation bought the glass company in the 1970s, when it faced decline. However, Fostoria had to close it’s doors in 1983. Even after closing, some of Fostoria’s patterns continued to be produced thanks to Dalzel-Viking who had a contract with Lancaster Colony; the last pieces of fostoria glassware are known to have been seen up to, and during, the early 1990s.