Glassware Set

A typical retail glassware set will normally consist of either 16 or 30 pieces of glassware. A 16 piece set would comprise of two different sizes, the larger normally being the standard pint sized 16 ounce, and the smaller perhaps being a 13 or 9 ounce size. The 30 piece set is usually divided between three sizes, a ten count of each.

The style of a glassware set will vary depending on its primary use, indoor or outdoor, formal or informal, etc. The style can further be divided into the tumbler, or flat bottom glass, or stemware such as wine and champagne glasses.

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Prices will vary widely depending on quality. A good rule of thumb is the thicker the glass, the higher the quality and durability. Other materials used in production will also affect the price. Plastic usually means a cheaper price while a crystal set would be much more.

Traditionally, households distinguish their usage of glassware based on either for private or for company and special occasions. For formal dinners or parties stemware would likely be used to serve wine or other alcoholic beverages although other drinks are occasionally substituted. Tumblers are also common for their use with water.