Green Glassware

Have you ever heard of a glow in the dark glass? It is said that you have true green glassware if you can hold it up to an ultraviolet light, and it glows in the dark! This is a green glassware that was first produced in the 1830’s. Glass blowers had infused Uranium into the the glass during production, to create a green look to the the glass. It is also known as Vaseline Glass. It is comparative to other green glass products currently in production today.

Although, it is thought that the Uranium in the glass could cause health problems, it is not currently used for liquid beverages. Manufactures have began to use a depleted Uranium, that is thought to have no health effect. Of course, like many manufacturers, during WWII the production of the green glassware halted. But, it began being produced again in the late 1950’s.

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The collectors search for the period pieces of this glass from before the WWII, which is still being found today. These pieces are most in demand. If you find a green glass bottle or pitcher, that glows in the dark, you may have a real treasure in your hands.