Laboratory Glassware

Laboratory glassware is often used in educational, research, medical and commercial applications. This glassware is constructed by design to perform certain roles and specific laboratory tasks and processes. Thoughthis type of glassware is a broad term that applies to several types of equipment you most often find this type of glassware in an environment where chemistry and biology skills are being used. Up to a point, glasses used in laboratories because it is transparent, heat resistant, can be treated to block ultraviolet light and is relatively inert compared to containers made of other materials.

Though there are a large number of laboratory glass objects primarily they are used for measureming, holding, storing, mixing, distillation and other common laboratory processes. These containers and tools are often stored in racks, on cases or held in place by stands and clamps.

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though most commonly found in industrial and scientific use this type of glassware can also be decorative. If you know someone in the scientific career or perhaps was worked as a laboratory technician or doctor these objects can be quite symbolic and add an aesthetic quality as decor that compliments their profession. Regardless of the application, laboratory glassware takes the form of many types of apparatus to fit the the need for it.