Lab Glassware

Lab glassware is used for scientific experiments. It is most often used in chemistry or biology labs. Glass is mostly heat resistant than plastic and thathat is why it is preferred. Quartz glass is abe to withstand very high tempertures. Some lab glasware is colored to keep out UV and IR radiation. It is an amber color. Heavy wall glass is pressurized. Some of this glasswre is used for measuring, storing, and mixing solutions.

Some examples of lab glassware are flasks, beakers, and test tubes. It is considered to be the key to chemistry. You can even ave it customized to meet the needs of experiments. Chemists are often trained on how to shape glass tubing. This method saves time and money. Test tubes are heavily used in research labs. This type of glass ware is made to withstand chemical reactions.

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Individuals that are using this type of glassware should handle it with care. Funnel glassware is used for transferring liquids to other other containers. It is made of the highest quality glass materials. It comes with an excellent guarantee. You can have your glassware shipped directly to you or your lab. Choose glassware made in the USA for quality and durability.