Libbey Glass

Libbey Glass is the leading manufacturer of glassware in the United States. From their factory in Toledo, Ohio, the company ships their products to every state and a host of foreign countries. They are noted for glasses produced for the food and beverage industry, particularly bar products and tableware pieces as well as products created for home use. Libbey has been the leading glassware manufacturer in the country for generations.

The company has automated most of their production and is able to produce virtually all their hundreds of individual pieces and styles on state of the art machines. This is a far cry from a century ago when virtually all glassware was hand made.

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They manufacture several distinct and very complete lines. Many of their lines offer items from tiny stemmed cordial glasses to huge balloon wine stemware pieces. Some lines such as their Embassy lineup feature a safety edge on the rim that prevents easy chipping along the rim. Other lines are hardly discernible from the fine hand blown and very expensive lines of crystal used in fine restaurants and clubs.

A major part of the glassware see non the shelves of discounters and department stores comes from Libbey. The company has huge decorating capabilities that compliments their actual production abilities. Every season they bring out new decorated tumblers and sets of glassware in the current colors and design trends. The fact that glassware is not a durable, long lasting product is an important part of the company’s growth.

The institutional market, including food and beverage also uses a substantial amount of decorated glass items often found in private clubs, bars, restaurants and other applications where operators promote an establishment’s identity and image. There is a good chance that most homes in the United States have a number of free giveawy glasses in their kitchen cupboards. Libbey is the major producer of decorated glasses for promotional giveaways at chains and fast food establishments.

While there was once strong competition from other domestic manufacturers such as Anchor Hocking and Federal Glass, most of that has fallen by the wayside. Today, the bulk of Libbey’s competition comes from foreign manufacturers who have made small inroads into Libbeys market.

The vast majority of Libbey glass is sold through a network of dealers scattered throughout the country. National chains and other giant consumer groups are able to buy directly from Libbey. Discounts are larger for those who are large enough to buy train loads, truck loads. There is an excellent chance that every person in this country has used a glass made by Libbey.