Luminarc Glassware

We are a family of drinkers. Now before anyone jumps to the conclusion that we have a ‘drinking problem’ let me point out that the only ‘drinking problem’ we have is trying to decide which of our luminarc glassware to use on any given day.

I’ve purchased luminarc glassware since I was a bride and my favorite aunt gave me a set of six handcrafted tumblers from the Slate Blue Glassware Collection. The sapphire-blue goblets with the little bubbles inside reminded me of the hand-blown glass in my brother’s glass studio. Filling a blue tumbler with ice water just can’t be beat it when you want to set a pretty table and make a meal inviting.

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After the goblets I didn’t buy any glassware other than luminarc glassware. We toasted our first New Year’s together with our amethyst color champagne flutes. They are dishwasher-safe and since they’re made of glass, I don’t worry about any bacterial contamination.

I’m many years from being a bride, but I feel like a bride when I purchase luminarc glassware. It’s beautiful, well-designed and I feel confident giving it as gifts to family and friends. I’ve given luminarc glassware as anniversary, wedding, housewarming and birthday gifts.
When my friend bought a new home, I gave her a couple of sets of the luminarc crystal water glasses and she said that they were as beautiful as her expensive crystal.

At home I don’t drink anything that is not contained in luminarc glassware–whether it’s iced tea, water, beer, champagne or wine I feel good that the beverage is contained in glass. Luminarc glassware makes the beverage look better, taste better and cleans up better than many other glassware products I’ve come in contact with.