Luminarc Glasses

Luminarc glasses are a girl’s best friend. I’ve purchased luminarc glasses for the last twenty years.

I like to cook and when the meal is over and there are leftovers-as there often are- with just my husband and me, I like to store the leftovers in glass containers.

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When I take leftovers out of the refrigerator, I want that ‘leftover’ to look appetizing. And believe me, there is nothing more unappetizing than leftovers stored in plastic. I can’t see what it is and when I open the lid, I don’t want to eat it.

I take pride in my red-and-white kitchen and when I saw luminarc glasses advertised online, I ordered a luminarc stackable 15-Piece bowls set with 5 red lids came to my door.
When I got them, they were even prettier than shown and I loved the fact that they came in so many sizes: big bowls, little bowls, petite bowls, oh my! I use them daily. Through the years people have given me bowl sets but they all tend to be the same four sizes. There are so many other times when I’m cooking and I need a bowl that’s not too big, not too small, but just right. And that is where my luminarc glasses come in —they’re just right.

As I was cooking with them, I was trying to think where I’d seen luminarc glasses used before. Then I remembered; I’d seen luminarc glasses on cooking shows where they used them for measuring and mixing. They are stackable and look pretty in my glass cupboards.

My next order is going to be the Luminarc Working Glass with the red lids. I’ll use those in the summer when I make my prize-winning home made raspberry jam.