Luminarc Green

Luminarc makes beautiful glassware that is perfect for entertaining. If you really enjoy livening up your table with colorful glassware to make a cheerful or themed setting that you and your guests can enjoy Luminarc is a great brand to go with. As it is suggested in the name, Luminarc products are not just colored but are truly luminous and radiating with pure color. Luminarc adds more than a simple splash of color and truly sets the stage for a beautiful and joyous experience.

A beautiful and fresh color to use for serveware, table settings and drinks is green. Green is a peaceful color that represents freshness, earth, nature, and new beginnings. Although green is a beautiful color that can be used year round, luminarc green tableware and luminarc green glass goblets and cups are especially perfect for serving a spring time brunch or summertime dining affair. The beautiful luminarc glass lets the natural spring and summer light shine through the glass and the gorgeous luminarc green color brings a coordinating or contrasting color and a enhanced visual display to the food and beverages being enjoyed.

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Another great time to use Luminare green glassware is during the holidays when using a red and green theme for a holiday celebration. Using just a touch of green can be the perfect way of punctuating a holiday table with just a bit of festive color. Some of the glassware from luminarc is brilliant and vividly colored throughout the entire glass piece and other styles of glassware incorporate just a touch of color. Luminarc green is represented in certain styles with drips of dark green or lightly pigmented swirls of light green. These variations create the possibility of choosing the degree of intensity of the color green that will be represented on your table.