Luminarc Plate

The increasing frequency with which people use of Luminarc Plate makes it one of the most demanded tableware items today. A closer look at some of the appealing features of this product will give us a clue to why people prefer this product to others.

Almost all Luminarc Plates are 100% hygienic because they are made from glass, a non porous material. Although they can take different forms (transparent, opal or colored glass), they are devoid of bacterial contamination as micro organism cannot survive in materials like this.

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Generally, a Luminarc Plate is subjected to “tempering” in the course of its manufacturing process. Tempering is a kind of thermal treatment that makes a Luminarc Plate able to withstand thermal and mechanical resistance. A practical way of illustrating this point is by putting a Luminarc Plate in an oven or cold water. On bring it out after some time; you will discover the plate is not affected in any way. A sign that it can cope with whatever daily use it is put into.

At the moment, there is hardly a lumiarc product that cannot withstand aggressive detergent wash. Aside Luminarc Plate, most of the ones in the market today easily lost their decorations and sparks to daily washing. Even after years of using a Luminarc Plate, its decorations as well as its sparkling glass remains unchanged. It undergoes quality qualification laboratory washing before it is put up for sales; a process of continuous washing circles by some twenty machines feed up with detergent to check the plate’s dishwasher resistance.

If your Luminarc Plate carries the “stactable” logo, then it will be a wise decision to buy a number of such plates as stacking them together into stable or vertical piles makes their daily use easy and convenient.
Very few people are aware of the massive qualities of a Luminarc Plate. Those who have use this precious household piece make up the largest percentage of people who know its worth.