Luminarc Plates

Luminarc offers many options when it comes to plates. They take pride in the fact that they offer many different styles and designs, making it possible for everyone to find something they love. Also, Luminarc plates are all made of glass that is either pressed or blown to create beautiful, smooth plates. Luminarc plates demand attention due to both their unique designs and flattering styles.

Luminarc plates come in a few different styles. The first is traditional round. Round plates are smooth and proportioned. They are very much like the plates people are used to seeing. Another option is square plates. Luminarc plates that are square add a special modern touch to tableware. You can find square plates with either traditional or rounded corners. Plates with a square shape are becoming very popular lately, and add a touch of uniqueness. Luminarc also offers oval, or elongated, plates. These plates offer some of the uniqueness of square plates with the benefits, such as easily fitting in a microwave, of more traditional shapes. Along with the above mentioned styles there are also a limited number of specialty styles. For example, there are some square plates with a decorative beveled edge. Regardless of the style chosen, the plates with withstand typical wear and tear and maintain their timeless beauty.

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Once the style of Luminarc plates as been decided upon, the next step is to pick a design. Luminarc plates come in many designs, all of which include intricate details and eye-popping color. The designs range in style from traditional to modern. They also offer transparent plates that showcase the glass used to make them. They are available in solid colors as well as patterns. All of the plates are categorized by the design group they fit into, which makes is easier to find coordinating designs. Whether someone is looking for a traditional white round plate or an extravagant square pink plate Luminarc plates offer what they are looking for.