Luminarc Red

“Luminarc red” is a type of glassware that is of course red in color. This glassware will give the take enough of a red hue to make it look elegant but will not be overpowering. He “luminarc red” is available in plates, bowls, and cups in several different sizes such as salad plates, and dinner plates. This glassware is great for the Christmas holiday season since the color red is often associated with that time of the year. Having red glassware on the table is sure to impress the guests.

When using “luminarc red” for a table setting it is okay to miss and match type of glassware. The flute glasses will go fine with the wine glasses. This will create an interesting contract to the table setting. Candle and tea lights add a nice accent to the “luminarc red” setting. This glassware is not just for the holiday season. The red color is bright and vibrant. It can be used any time of the meal. “Luminarc red” can be used for a special dinner or for a different look to brighten the day. No meal will be boring when this glassware is on the table.

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In addition to plates this glassware is also available in casseroles, and several unique shaped serving platters.
“Liminarc red” is not just for the dinner table. The glassware has breakfast bowls, and coffee mugs as well. The red color can come with a delicate pattern that resemble flower petals on it. There glassware can also feature the flower petal pattern in a touch of the color white. The glassware goes especially well over a red or white table cloth. The cups also features a mix of red and white glassware. No matter what the occasion this glassware adds a touch of class and elegance to the table even for an everyday dinner meal.