Luminarc Ruby

Luminarc is a tableware company known for it's kitchenware, cookware, food storage and beautiful glassware. There are many functional uses of Luminarc products around your kitchen and especially if you enjoy entertaining guests. Luminarc is known for their beautiful glassware that is a special touch to be enjoyed when entertaining. This table and glassware is not simply colored like other glassware. As it is implied in the name the Luminarc products are luminous in color, emanating with light and brightening any table and occasion.

If you like to decorate with your table and glassware and make it into a colorful and creative experience Luminarc is one of the brightest and most beautiful around. Guests will enjoy this unique splash of Luminarc color that truly highlights and enhances the beauty of enjoying food and beverages with great people and setting.

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Luminarc makes glassware in many different colors including greens, and blues but one of the boldest and most stand out colors is Luminarc ruby in a deep rich red. One of the boldest color statements you can make with glassware is red and Luminarc makes the color look so elegant. Luminarc ruby goblets, tumblers and martini glasses add a beautiful layer of richness when serving beverages. An especially beautiful beverage to serve in a luminarc ruby glass would be a deep red wine that enhances the color of the glass cup it is being served in.

Luminarc believes in the power of color statements and luminarc ruby cups and goblets add a bold statement and dramatic touch to a table setting. Luminarc ruby is also perfect to use during the holiday season when reds are seen almost everywhere. A holiday table setting including the color red using luminarc red cups is a great way to incorporate the holiday color theme element.