Luminarc Set

A luminarc set of drinking glasses is manufactured by a company named Arc International, a French compamy that distributes glassware and house hold goods. The company was started in France in 1825. The glasses that make up a luminarc set were actually put into production in 1948

If you are looking for variety, a luminarc set of glasses can provide that. They have a wide range of drinking glasses such as; many types of stem glasses, beer glasses, champagne glasses, high ball glasses, liqueur Glasses, tumbler glasses and terrine glasses just to name a few. So if you’re up for a cold beer, a nice glass of wine to compliment a nice meal, or a glass of cold tea or lemonade on a hot day, a lumiarc set of glasses has got you covered.

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When you go out to eat and enjoy your favorite beverage chances are you are drinking out of a glass that came from a luminarc set. Arc is known for their ability to etch and print logos on glasses. Whether you are a business wanting to buy thousands of glasses and have your restaurant name or your brand printed on the glass or a consumer wanting to buy and have something printed on your luminarc set of glasses you will be ordering from the manufacturer and they will gladly accommodate you.

If you are ordering glasses in bulk for commercial use or as a individual, printed or plain, you will be given the same attention and the sought after high quality glassware. After all, Arc has not been around making glassware since 1825 and is still in business because they produce a second rate product or provide poor service. So if you are in the market for some new drinking glasses a luminarc set of glasses would be a good choice.