Luminarc Wine Glasses

Whether you want a classic Champaign flute or a splash of color with your Chardonnay, Luminarc has stemware that is stylish and budget friendly. Luminarc wine glasses come in a variety of sizes and styles and their designers are constantly looking for original shapes to expand their product line or enhance their existing products.

Luminarc wine glasses undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand everyday use. Aside from dishwasher testing, they use a pendulum test for glassware. The “item is held in place whilst a marble of a given mass, put into action by a lever, creates a shock on the rim…” ( This extra testing ensures the durability of the rims of the glasses.

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Luminarc wine glasses come in designs ranging from traditional to expressive. For those wanting a traditional look, the Alto has the usual balloon shaped bowls. The Vinery and Vinery Excellence lines of Luminarc wine glasses are classic stemware, offering both red and white glasses with a traditional bowl shape. For those looking a spin on an enduring design, the Fiama line has a traditional bowl and stem with a cut glass design at the bottom of the bowl.

For those looking for something unique, the Curl from the Design Expression line offers a distinctive look. The stem twists from the bottom of the slightly squared bowl and follows a slight “S” shape to the base. If a splash of color is more your style, the Color Touch collection offers classic Luminarc wine glasses with a drop of color that runs from the bottom of the bowl down the stem. With the color selections coming in black, red, green and yellow, they will match nearly any table setting.

The tradition of making beautiful glassware at a reasonable price continues. Luminarc wine glasses combine style, function and durability for a look that lasts.