The Elegance Of Antique Luminarc Glasware

There is nothing quite like sitting down to an elegant dinner with some finely decorated dinnerware. For those special occasions where what is put on the table is a reflection of the special quality and meaning of the dinner; nothing quite says style, elegance and flare like formal glassware.

The Antique Clear Glass Dinnerware by Luminarc is well known to offer some of the most elegant glassware a collector or an elegant host can find. From plates, to goblets, from wine glasses to mugs and bowls, these etched glass pieces are beautiful addition to any home. Their additional well known pieces were serving bowls and chip and dip bowls. Luminarc antique glassware are designed cut glass and came traditionally three colors amethyst, ruby, and sapphire , and also comes in clear glass.

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The pressed fan and diamond design was a popular style for many of their glassware pieces. Traditionally, the cranberry was the most popular color of the three and to this day are the more popular and more readily available pieces to find.The deep cuts of the Luminarc designs are very distinctive and grace any table with an elegance and sophistication. These pieces grace any table with beauty and practicality. Most Luminarc glassware is hearty enough to readily withstand dishwasher usage, however, hand washing for some of the more delicate pieces is recommended.

The etched glassware styles of Luminarc's antiques were well known as the sign of quality, tradition and elegance. The dinnerware plates were used not just for serving on special occasions but were also known for home decorative pieces. The wine glasses were often delicate and covered in a fine etched detail, well deserving of holiday and special occasion usage. No Matter what the use or the occasion, hosts will find the Luminarc antique dinnerware and glassware are a great accent to any table.