Vintage Luminarc Glasses Green

Summer comes to mind when looking at the pale emerald green tint of the Luminarc Cavalier Sherbert glasses. Memories of sitting by the pool, shine through the vintage luminarc glasses green hues as they cradle a nice cool scoop of orange, lime and pineapple sherbet. Mother was right on the mark with her collection of these fine vintage luminarc glasses green treasure designed and made in France. With their clear colored supporting glass stand and stem to a green tinted cylindrical glass bowl, these types of desert glasses are also fabulous for serving a fruit cocktail on the side of a big meal at a birthday gathering or special family reunion celebration. Those lucky families that saved and carefully stored their collection of vintage luminarc glasses green family heirlooms, can bring them out to serve delicious deserts such as apple or cherry cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or real whipped cream, in perfect appetizing style.

Having a set of these 1970's vintage luminarc glasses green goblets, that were originally made and designed by J. G. Durand Luminarc, cerca the Verrerie Cristallerie in dArques of France, will make many collectors green with envy. To establish whether or not the collection is authentic, it is common to find the word France etched on the bottom of the pedestal portion of each glass. If the word France is not present, then those would not be considered authentic vintage luminarc glasses green from the glory days of the fashionable seventies. Those who are fortunate enough to possess a vintage luminarc glasses green styled drinking goblet collection will hold their juice, wine or water up in full gusto while cheering for health in rare style. The party will be a smash for all guests when they can fill their luminarc glasses to the brim.

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