Vintage Luminarc Glasses

Luminarc, based out of France, designs and creates glassware for fun, casual dining. The company boasts a wide variety of products that are bright, colorful, and inviting. In order to guarantee the highest quality, the glassware has been tested to withstand heavy blows and drastic temperature changes. A pendulum test, which measures durability, is conducted by swinging a marble into the rim of the glass to determine if it will shatter. Also, vintage Luminarc glasses can withstand a 275 degree difference. This means that cold and hot liquids can be transferred between containers without the fear of cracking. These products are dishwasher safe as well.

There are two ways vintage Luminarc glasses are manufactured. The first, a pressed process, involves pouring incandescent glass into a mold that is slowly cooled. The glass is then polished by flame, which gives it a glossy finish. For the blown process, glass is poured into a rough molding. Next, air shoots into the blank and forms a cup shape. Both techniques are completed by an annealing process. In other words, the glass is reheated and cooled in order to make it strong.

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To give vintage Luminarc glasses a stylish look, the company uses a color solid procedure. By adding metallic oxide particles, the glass can be given a green, blue, violet, or gray tint. For glassware that boasts a design, paint is layered on using a stenciling process the ensures a crisp image. Only organic paint is used on vintage Luminarc glasses.

Vintage Luminarc glasses can be found in restaurants and pubs all over the world. Beer, champagne, liqueur, tumbler, and stemmed glasses are just a few types of glassware the company creates. When it comes down to it, these products are durable, simple, and elegant. Whatever the occasion may be, don't forget Luminarc.