Martini Glasses

Cocktails transform into elegance and sophistication when served in <b>Martini Glasses</b>. At first glance the martini glass appears unstable, shaky, perhaps even a bit peculiar, but is there a reason for the glass? As shocking as it may seem, the glass has some rationale behind its structure.

Even though the martini drink dates back to the late 1800’s, the glass we associate with the martini was believed to be introduced in the 1920’s. This was the time of prohibition. The glass was believed to be used because it was easy to discard of any alcohol in a quick fashion. Anyone who has used a martini glass will attest that once the glass spills, not a drop of it remains.

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Martini Glass Functionality

The martini glass is fancy, yet functional. As far as the drink itself, the glass is a stemware and serves to guard the drink from the heat released from the drinker’s hand. The glass keeps the drink cool for a longer period of time.

The triangular shape of the glass helps the drink maintain its taste. The ingredients used in the martini will not separate because of the glass’s shape. Another advantage of this shape is the drink’s ability to transmit its pleasant aroma. Of course, this is only the case when fruity mixtures are added to the drink. Perhaps the shape is simply for the appearance factor, but many will agree that the shape does have many benefits.

Uses of the Elegantly Understated Glass

Martini glasses are not just for cocktails. These beautiful glasses can be used in other areas as well. The glass adds a touch of class, style, and sophistication without an overpowering statement.

The glass can be used to serve appetizers at a formal gathering or dinner. Hosts can amaze their guests by filling the glass with fruit salad, shrimp cocktail, or any other small appetizer. Garnish each glass with color and impress anyone who sets their eyes on the beautiful presentation.

A different approach would be to wait to display the glasses until the end of the meal by serving dessert in the glasses. A simple dessert of ice cream garnished with delicious syrup and chilled for that prime wow factor will be sure to make an impression on the guests at the party.

The martini glass dates back to almost a century ago, yet the glass is still functional in so many ways. Next time there is a party to plan for, consider using <b>Martini Glasses</b> as the star of the table décor.