Redneck Wine Glass

A redneck wine glass is “Southern Classic” at its best! It is great for parties, get-togethers, or just daily use for winding down after a hard day’s work.

For those who are looking for a novel gift, a redneck wine glass is literally designed from a Mason jar, the kind that Grandma used to use to pickle eggs or can peaches. The only difference is that it sits on a stem, the same design of stem used in wine glasses, only wider to balance the weight of the jar.

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Fear not, as these unique drinking vessels come in several types:

This refined glass has delicately carved designs engraved in the glass, along with the ever-present lid that screws on tight as it is being carried on a tray out to be presented as the main focus of beverage for the evening’s festivities. A total of 8 ounces of fine sippin’ for the country boy or girl at heart!

Ever the strong and sturdy, macho-man of a glass, this goblet (so-to-speak) stands secure and safe, keeping up with its tradition of an anti-spill jar topper. It, too, holds a hearty 8 ounces of ale for the party-goer elite.

This “flashback to the past” features a total of 16 ounces of the original style Mason jar, bringing back memories of Grandma’s homemade pickles, canned yams, and yummy applesauce, fresh from the apple trees she grew in the back yard. These regal wine glasses also come equipped with the anti-spill topper, to the delight of many “Left-foot Larrys”!

These fantasmic jugs are sold either as single or 2-pack sets. They hold a massive 32 ounces of liquid for those mountain men with a cavernous thirst. They have a wide-mouth Mason jar top and stand on a thick 4-inch tall candlestick stem. These gigantic thirst-quenching jugs are not for the tiny, faint-of-heart country girl!

This fun, short and round-shaped glass would be the favorite pick of women everywhere. It’s a perfect size 16 ounces for red liquor lovers. Or moonshine mavens. Or quirky and eclectic hostesses of cozy nights or wild parties.

Each and everyone of the uniquely-designed glassware choices are made to be hand-washed only. Each and everyone comes with the ever-present, anti-spill topper as well.

For something fun that is always a great conversation starter, consider a redneck wine glass!