Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are described as small glass shooters that hold liquor that’s either drunk straight from the shot glass or poured into another drink for mixing. They come in various shapes and sizes, colors and design. Usually common among young adults, shots are taken during parties and social gathering, even as personal pleasure. A lot of drinking games require the players to take shots, which involves the use of a shot glass.

Not all shot glasses are glass. There are many shooters available that are made of hard plastic. People use them to get a quick buzz, passing it around for others to take a shot. A shot is a shot glass full of liquor and just enough to feel the effects of the alcohol. The popularity of shot glasses is huge and growing.

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If you’re the kind of person who likes to customize your own possessions, a shot glass can be made to look how you prefer. You can choose just about any color there is and you’re bound to find one of your choosing. That’s what makes them so popular. They’re available in any design, color and size, and are sure to make drinking more pleasurable to all.