The Elegance and Grace of Red Glassware Through the Ages

Red Glassware is a unique and beautiful type of glassware that brightens any occasion, especially holidays and romantic occasions. There are many types of red glassware from red glass bowls and plates to wine and flute glasses. Finally, there is also the small finely etched drinking glasses that come in small and regular glass sizes.

When I was a child, I remember Thanksgiving and Christmas was always more special when these beautiful glasses garnished the table with the bright festive color of red. As a child I drank from the tiny etched cranberry red glasses and I felt special just holding it in my hand. I knew that this glassware only came out on special occasions, and seeing them on the table always made me understand the appreciate the special tradition they brought to the holiday. These juice glasses as they were called, were perfect for apple cider, and made me feel very grownup. While the adults had their finely etched wine glasses, the children could feel equally important with their very own etched red glassware. It is a memory I treasure still today.

Specially designed and etched red glass are collectors items. People from all over the world love to collect these special types of glassware. In fact, some of these red glassware and dinnerware items are antiques, and can carry quite a value. People who treasure them will tell you that if they find a few at a tag sale, they are sure to pick them up. Collectors are always on the look out for these, as some of them carry a great value as collector items.

Red glassware has been around since ancient times. However, since the early colonial period their use and creation become a hallmark of distinctive glassware. Much of the etched glassware with red hues became quite popular in the 1960’s and many of these items can still be found today in collector editions.

People old and young will often have fond memories of this type of glassware. It is such a perfect table finisher for many occasions. Nothing fills out the reds of Thanksgiving or Christmas at a dinner table quite like red glassware. The same is true for an evening of romance. While red roses are the standard for flowers, nothing quite sets the table like the beauty of finely etched red stem glass ware,. Whether old or new, these beautiful table pieces set the tone and mood for a loving evening of ambiance and specialness.