Tiara Glassware

Tiara glassware is a series of glass dishes, vases, home decor and serving dishes produced by the Indiana Glass Company from 1970 to 1998. On July1, 1970, Indiana Glass Company, based in Dunkirk, Indiana, created a home party plan and marketed it under the name Tiara Exclusives. Their product was exclusively pressed glass items sold by representatives at home parties. Original sale prices ranged from $10 to $60 for each piece.

The Tiara glassware line is extensive, with assorted color and pattern options that mimicked higher-priced Depression glass. Tiara glass was produced with high standards by several companies including Indiana Glass Company, Fenton Art Glass, and Duncan and Miller. There were several different patterns pressed on the glass. The most popular was the Sandwich Glass Pattern. Colors varied and included the most popular golden amber, clear, Bicentennial a dark blue, teal green called spruce, pale peach, and Chantilly a pale, light green. Each color offered approximately eighty different pieces in the line. Hostess exclusives were specialty pieces offered exclusively as hostess incentives.

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After the close of the Lancaster Colony Corporation, the parent company of Tiara Exclusives, in 1998, the glassware home parties ended. The value of Tiara glassware remains at or slightly above original prices, with exclusive hostess pieces valued higher.