Amber Glass Tiara Plate Nursery

The amber glass Tiara plate nursery is a plate that is perfect for the child. It can be used as a collectors item or a keepsake that the parents can put up and save for the child or it can be a gift that the parents choose to pass on from generation to generation. Though it is made of glass, the plate is still durable enough to use just the same as any other glass plate. The sections make it easy for a child to scoop the food onto his or her spoon. The intricate detailing around the edge sets this plate apart from the other divided plates that you might purchase for a child.

The amber nursery plate like all of the other Tiara glassware is made of thick glass that makes it quality and yet functional. Any mother would be proud for her child to be gifted with such a fine peice of glassware. As children grow and learn to appreciate finer things the amber nursery plate will be one of the items that they will truly appreciate. They will be even more proud when they are able to pass it on to their children and grandchildren to their use.

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