Amber Tiara Bowls

The amber Tiara Bowls are beautiful and will compliment your table setting to the fullest. These bowls are great for soups and salads. You dinner guest will think that they are dining with royalty when they set at your table surrounded by this beautiful glassware. These bowls are great way to start your Tiara collection if you haven't already or they are a great addition to the peices that you may already have.

The amber bowls are made of quality glass that is beautifully detailed yet durable enough for you to use when you would like to. You don't have to keep these bowls in a cabinet just for looks feel free to use them. You only need to treat them like any other glass bowl that you may have.

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These amber Tiara bowls will make a great gift for a wedding shower or a house warming. The recipient of the bowls will be over-whelmed at the beauty of the gift that they have received. You can be the one that helps them get started on the fine collection of Tiara glassware by gifting them with these beautifully detailed bowls. It can be hard to decide what to get someone who is getting married or celebrating an anniversary, but the amber Tiara bowls can be the gift you've been looking for.