Amber Tiara Glass

Tiara glassware has two origins and two histories, and each is a true part of the American story. Tiara glassware was originally designed and created in the 1800s by the Boston and Sandwich Glass Company, located in Sandwich, Massachusetts. Later, in 1970, the Indiana Glass Company began selling Tiara glass pieces during home direct-sales"parties" similar to Tupperware parties of that time. But by 2002, Tiara glassware was no longer being manufactured by Indiana Glass.

Tiara glass is especially known for its decorative patterns, styling and shape. It also comes in approximately 20 different colors and these wonderful and vibrant colors made Tiara glass ever-popular with consumers back then and with collectors now.

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One of the most in-demand colors manufactured in the Sandwich tradition included a beautiful golden amber hue.

Amber Tiara glass has a very rich color and it shines and glows in a manner reminiscent of the fossilized resin's glorious clear amber hue. One of the most beautiful places on earth is the Amber Room of the Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg, where all the walls of the room are covered with carved amber — and the rich hues of amber Tiara glass would fit in perfectly there.