Amber Tiara Plates Set

Indiana Glass produced the Tiara Exclusives line of amber plates for 28 years starting in 1970. The plates were marketed in home parties. A hostess would invite friends and family to their home and showcase the plates to sell them. In return, the hostess received bonuses and hostess gifts of glassware. Amber Tiara plates are now a collector’s item made of carnival glass.

The most common pattern in the amber color is the Sandwich pattern which has a daisy in the center and is surrounded by additional daisies and leaves around the exterior top of the plate. The interior daisy is inset with a raised ring around it leading to the edges that slope gently upward to the edges of the plate. This shape allows a matching coffee cup to remain stable inside the inset area. The snack plate measures 8 1/4 inches, the luncheon plates are 8 3/8-inches round and the dinner plates are 10 3/8 inches.

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Additional patterns of amber Tiara plates include the Sawtooth design and the Nursery Rhymes collection. The saw tooth design has the same features as the Sandwich pattern with an edging surrounding the plate that appears like the teeth of a hand saw. The Nursery Rhymes collection has raised edges and the lowered center is divided into three sections with children from nursery rhymes and animals imprinted on it.