Amber Tiara Plates

Tiara glass was distributed by Tiara Exclusives through direct selling during the seventies. Saleswomen asked people to host house parties where they introduce the products like amber tiara plates, tiara wine glasses, and many others to the host's guests. Tiara Exclusives was owned by the Lancaster Colony Corporation but the glass products were made by Fenton Art Glass, L.E. Smith, and some pieces by Duncan and Miller. These glass products were made at very high standards and molded in different patterns the most popular of which was the Sandwich Glass pattern, a reproduction of the one that originally came out during the Great Depression years.

Tiara glass was produced in a variety of colors like different shades of green, dark blue, pale peach, and the popular golden amber which most party saleswomen dubbed as 'gold' but is more known today as 'amber'. Some Tiara products came in sets like the dinnerware set, wine set, and the punch bowl sets. Several other specialty items came solo like the vases, wall clocks, lamps, and many other collectibles. Some people who had bought Tiara products before just stored them in their cabinets as collector's items, still bearing the Tiara sticker originally attached on each item.

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