Black Tiara Glassware Vases

The Black Tiara Glassware Vases were originally created from a branch off the parent company, Indiana Glassware Company in Dunkirk, Indiana called Tiara Exclusives. The Tiara Exclusives collection designed these black vases along with other decorative dinnerware and glassware. Almost all of these products were sold through independent salespeople during this time.

Over the years, the Black Tiara Glassware Vases have become a desired collectible. These exquisite vases have not been produced since the late 1980's to early 1990's, making them an ideal addition any home. These elegant vases were typically sold at home parties, and not through the company directly. Women would flock to these parties to get their hands on any of the Black Tiara Glassware Vases. Many women would chose to be hostesses because some of the pieces were offered to the hostess of the party only. This is the main reason these pieces have become more collectible today.

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The Black Tiara Glassware Vases were nothing short of beautiful as well. The stood around 8 inches tall with a base around 4 inches in diameter. Most had a strikingly unique diamond pattern, which made the vase stunning. When the vase was placed with other Black Tiara pieces, it instantly created a classy, refined look. By itself, it what nothing short of a masterpiece. Black Tiara Glass Vases were sought after during their reign in the 80's and 90's as well as today.