Green Glass Tiara

Tiara glass was in production from 1970 to 1998 marketed by Tiara Exclusives. Lancaster Colony Corporation owned the Tiara glassware line. The headquarters for the Tiara glassware line was in Dunkirk, Indiana. Most of the pieces were produced from the Indiana Glass Company which was also owned by The Lancaster Corporation. L.E. Smith and Fenton Art Glass also produced some of the glassware. Duncan & Miller Glass Co produced rarer pieces. The Tiara line consisted of dishes and accessories.
Tiara glass was available in several colors from amber, light Chantilly green, spruce green, bicentennial blue and pale peach. The green shades were very popular. The Tiara line had many accessories to go along with their dish and glassware sets. Clocks, trays, gravy boats, and lamps were also made in the same colors as the glassware. Wine sets were also sold and came with beautiful decanters and goblets.
The majority of the Tiara glassware line was copies of the sandwich glass pattern that was popular during the Depression era. Depression glass was highly sought after in the 1920's and the Tiara line reproduced the glass products in the 1970's to revitalize these astonishing glass pieces. Tiara glass is prized by many collectors.