Red Tiara Glass

Tiara Exclusives was the distributor of Tiara glass from 1970 until 1998. The sandwich glass has long since been one of the most popular types of Tiara glass and is a flower pattern design. The pattern was an elegant design that was created during the depression and then the molds were brought to use in the 70s to create the Tiara sandwich glassware. There are several colors to choose from. They include, clear, amber, ruby, Chantilly as well as several other choices. You can buy a complete serving and dinner set in the sandwich glass pattern.
Only the 1970 Ruby glass were hand made.This was the only year the Tiara company made the Ruby or red color and has a greater value for these reason. Most of the glass came from molds that were from two popular companies that were creating the sandwich glass pattern back in the 1920s and 30s during the depression. There are several different companies that made the glassware for Tiara Enterprises. The red glass pieces can be found on the internet and have a nice range of prices for the casual collector as well as the serious collector to enjoy. The Ruby color is a rich dark red color.