Red Tiara Glass

Originally released in 1925 by Indiana Glass only to be re-issued in 1970 by the popular home based dinnerware selling company Tiara, Ruby Red Tiara glass comes from the collection of Sandwich, or, Early American Pattern of dishware. Ruby Red was both the first color that was reissued upon this dishware's re-release in 1972 and it was the only color that was handmade which are two of the main reasons why this color of the collection is extremely rare and unique.

Once upon a time, Tiara dinnerware parties were all the rage amongst women around the U.S. Tiara never designed or created dinnerware, but they were a very popular seller of dinnerware products. Similar to Tupperware or Mary Kay parties, a Tiara party would involve a friend or neighbor inviting her family and friends over to her house in the hopes of selling Tiara dinnerware so that she could receive a discount on her own purchase. Years ago these parties were quite popular but just like the glass and dinnerware that was sold at these gatherings, Tiara dinnerware parties are now only a memory of a day long gong.

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Just because Tiara dinnerware parties are a thing of the past, it does not mean that Ruby Red Glass is. For the collector of fine glass and dinnerware, Ruby Red Tiara Glass is something that can be found if you have an eye for collecting. Although this glass and dinnerware is often hard to come by, it can still be found and bought today. Ruby Red Tiara Glass is a must have for any true connoisseur of fine, antique glass and dinnerware.