Red Tiara Glassware

The Tiara glass line was first manufactured by several different companies using old molds. Tiara Exclusives were introduced on July 1, 1970 as a retail company; they did not manufacture any glass. The red tiara glassware was very popular. Tiara Exclusives was initiated into the market by the Indiana Glass Company. Its intent was to sell the products in the home party phenomenon, but that effort was only mildly successful.

The Tiara Exclusives were eventually manufactured at the Indiana Glass Co. Dunkirk plant until 1998 when the production line closed, and not long after that the Indiana Glass Co. left Dunkirk, Indiana ending 100 years of glass production. The Red Tiara glass line was so popular that Indiana Glass could not survive on its remaining products, and with its only customer being Wal-Mart. Labor problems contributed to the shutdown. Indiana Glass was not known for its good treatment of employees. A strike sealed its fate.

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The renowned carnival glass book author, David Doty, was asked why Indiana Glass was treated with such little respect in the market. Doty said they should have marked their glass, meaning embedding a trademark or a manufacturer’s symbol. The parent company said no marking.