Tiara Amber Console

A tiara amber console is a large glass serving bowl which is amber in color and has intricate designs cut into it. The console is used to hold beverages and is part of a set which includes several serving glasses. These sets were very popular in the finest homes. It is a refined version of the punch bowl and glasses. Families often passed a good console down from generation to generation. It was considered a prized possession and a family heirloom. Its value was based on the rarity of the material from which it was made and the intricacy of the design cut into it.

Having a fine console was considered a sign of good breeding. While it was constructed out of sturdy glass, it was not something one would see in the home of the hoi polloi. The console had a special place in the home and the hearts of many families. Possessing one was a point of pride for many Old World homemakers. Today not many people are aware of the true value of a tiara amber console. It is the type of glassware one must be educated in the finer points of classic homemaking to fully appreciate.

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